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Samantha Reeves
Dear Samantha ....

American Samantha Reeves answers your email questions from Indian Wells after winning through to the third round of the Pacific Life Open.

What are your goals for this year, and what do you think of the young up-and-coming American players like yourself that are coming onto the scene?
- Darrell
My goals are to enjoy the tour and traveling and to hopefully be Top 50. I came close last year when I got to the Top 60. I saw 15-year-old Kirkland qualify here, so that’s a great feat already. I know there are some other good young players too.

Do you have a full-time traveling coach?  Also, have you ever thought about tweaking your forehand grip to give you more safety on your shots. You tend to hit the ball very flat.
- Lauren

I’ve been working with two brothers, Raul and Roberto Saad. They both travel with me. My forehand grip is very western, but at 24 it’s too late to change it now. It will help if I turn my shoulders and get under the ball. Even though the grip I have is for spin, I tend to slap the ball and hit it flat.

Did you once compare your style of game to rock band Pearl Jam?
- Ethan, New York

Oh, my god! That’s going to haunt me the rest of my life. A long, long time ago I was interviewed by MTV Sports and I thought I was being cool. I haven’t listened to them in a long time and I don’t compare my game to them anymore.

What is life on tour really like?
- Richard
It’s not as glamorous as it seems. It’s hard work. It has it’s great moments and it’s bad moment. You get to travel the world which is great but the flying gets tough and you live out of a suitcase. I think having your freedom is the best thing.

I am a tennis player in Florida and attended Bollettieri for a few years. I had played Maria [Sharapova] a few times but was not able to beat her as she is a good player. I read your comments about not letting her play aggressively in the third set. I would be very interested to know what tactics you used to win the third set so convincingly.
- Emily Mowery

Out here you can’t give your opponent any little momentum or little chance. I knew she was playing well yesterday and going for her shots. I knew that if I wanted to win I needed to go for it and take charge. I went for my serves and tried to attack her.

Coming from Wisconsin are you a big fans of the Green Bay Packers and do you attend any games? Do you think Brett Favre is a hunk?
- Jenny

I’m sad to hear you even need to ask if I’m a big fan! Of course! You can’t live there and not be a fan. But I have not been to any Packer games. Every time they’ve been playing I’ve been traveling. So I’ll have to make it a goal to get to a game. I have worn the Cheesehead and I’ve watched and cheered from afar. And Brett Favre? I think he’s nice looking.

How did you rise from being a junior tennis player to being in the Top 50 on tour?  What does it feel like to have accomplished such a fantastic feat?
- Eric Wilder
Firstly, I’ve been close to the Top 50, but I haven’t quite made it. It’s a great feeling whenever you accomplish a goal after working so hard at something. It’s the best reward. You put a lot of time and effort in. It does take a year or two to get used to the pro tour. It’s quite different from the juniors. I made the Top 60 but you’re never satisfied. Now I want to be Top 50, and if I achieve that the Top 30 and then the Top 20. You’re never satisfied and that’s what keeps you going.

I understand you love Border Collies and have one that your parents keep for you when you're not playing. Is that true and what is its name?
- P. Reeves
I think this question has come from my father! I love Border Collies. We have a Border Collie at home and he is the sweetest dog in the world. His name is Panda and he’s black and white. My dad sends me emails every day and signs it love from dad, Panda and Bear, our two dogs. I wish I could see Panda more often. Thanks for the question dad.

Do you have a boyfriend?
- John
No, I’m currently single.

Who would be your ideal doubles partner, past or present?
- Stuart from UK
I enjoy playing doubles with friends. When you’re on the court it’s so important to get along with the person you’re playing with.

Do you surf the internet much?
I’m not that good at it. I use it for email and to check for tickets on Travelocity a lot. But I’m pretty much an amateur.


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